Our Principals

Thomas M. Minor

A founding member of Minor Douglas PLLC, Tom Minor has been involved in real estate and minoragri-business finance for his entire legal career. Tom’s extensive knowledge of real estate finance and title law, spanning three decades, has taken him from the upheaval of the farm lending crisis of the 1980’s through the real estate housing boom of post 9/11. Throughout this period of time, Tom’s knowledge and expertise has been utilized in the documenting and closing of transactions such as hotel and condominium sales, auto dealerships, tractor and implement dealerships, supermarkets, REITs, auto body businesses, as well as more than 2,500 single family residential closings since October 2001.

Additionally, Tom’s knowledge and background in the field of wills, trusts and estates draws heavily upon, and is complimented and enhanced by, his vast real estate and lending background.

In addition to these two primary areas of practice, Tom has served as the attorney for the Fayette County Board of Education since 1994, a school district that is challenged by and deals with a multitude of issues brought on by the rapid growth of Fayette County, Tennessee, in recent years. In 2000, Tom was appointed as City Attorney for the Town of Somerville.

Tom was raised in Somerville, Tennessee, and after obtaining his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Memphis and thereafter spending six years with an established firm in Memphis, returned to his hometown in 1989 where he set up his own practice. Tom enjoys reading history and spending time with his family.

David L. Douglas

David became an associate member of the firm in January of 2003 and was later named a douglasPartner in March of 2006. David is at home in the Courtroom and has therefore concentrated his area of practice to the areas of criminal and domestic work. Since joining the law firm in 2003, he has quickly established himself as one of the top criminal defense attorneys in this area. David has defended a multitude of criminal cases ranging from simple misdemeanors to serious felonies. He also practices domestic work in the Chancery Courts of the 25th Judicial District. David knows that any domestic disputes produce a range of emotions and he prides himself on taking the time to listen to what his client needs are and what can be done to achieve those wants. He encourages his clients to mediate their differences before proceeding to Court, but when mediation fails David becomes a zealous and aggressive advocate for his client.

In addition to his practice as an attorney, David has served as the Municipal Judge for the cites of Atoka, Mason, and Munford in Tipton County since March of 2005. This position was formerly held by Judge Weber McCraw prior to his appointment to the Circuit Court of the 25th Judicial District. David was also recently appointed as the Municipal Judge of Moscow and LaGrange in Fayette County in 2008 & 2010.

David was raised in Somerville and graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Mississippi with a degree in Banking and Finance in 2000. In the spring of 1998, he gained interest in the law while serving as the Fayette and Hardeman County Campaign Manager in the successful campaign for Chancellor Martha Brasfield. David later attended The University of Mississippi Law School and graduated in the winter of 2002.

David and his wife Erin moved into their home just off the square in Somerville in 2003. Their home which was built in 1920 and was formerly owned by his grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Rollins Littleton had been vacant for a number of years and was in need of restoration. David, who enjoys woodworking in his spare time, decided to take on the task to renovate the 1920 home himself. He and Erin have since renovated many of the rooms in their home and although their renovation is still ongoing the home has been featured twice on the Somerville Christmas Tour of Homes since the renovation began.  In 2012 David and Erin will complete a large renovation of their home to allow more room for their growing family.

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