Real Estate

img real-estateAt Minor Douglas PLLC, we appreciate the economic and emotional significance of each and every real estate transaction that we handle. Consequently, in an effort to better serve our clients, agents and lenders, we organized the firm’s Real Estate Practice Group which consists of not only attorneys but also two full-time closers with combined experience in excess of 43 years. This group of seasoned professionals provides exceptional closing services at the firm’s office located in Somerville, Tennessee.

We understand how confusing the closing documents may be to many buyers/sellers. After all, these are legal documents drafted by attorneys and, in most instances, there are a lot of them to sign at closing. We also know that many closing offices move folks through the closing process at break neck speed in an apparent effort to get to the “next” closing. That is not how we do business. Each closing is important to that particular client and we treat it as such. It is our goal to explain the legal significance of each document involved in such a way that clients are comfortable with and understand what they are signing. We take the time to answer questions and provide explanations when necessary. Further, as a result of an ever growing client base, we are constantly expanding our technological and service capabilities.

If we can be of service to you during an upcoming real estate transaction, please contact us.

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