Family Law

img family-lawAt Minor Douglas PLLC, we appreciate the wide range of emotions inherent in family and/or marital conflict. The significance of the issues involved often lead to fear, guilt, uncertainty, stress, confusion and/or anger. In order to maintain some degree of sanity, it is imperative that competent and experienced counsel be retained. That is where we step in.

Our lawyers are committed to zealously representing our clients both in and out of court. We often advise clients to first attempt marriage counseling. There are many instances where good counseling coupled with open communication can restore a marriage that seemed lost. In the event that reconciliation is not possible then we may suggest that the parties attempt to mediate their differences before proceeding to court. Although many, one advantage to mediation includes the fact that each party is able to retain a modicum of control over the ultimate outcome. If, however, litigation becomes necessary, the firm brings its resources to bear for the benefit of our clients.

Although we cannot guarantee any particular outcome, we can guarantee that we will do our best to achieve favorable results. Our services are marked by understanding compassion, diligent preparation and aggressive advocacy. Simply stated, we care about what our clients care about.

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